Residential Spray Foam

residentialYour home is precious to you and we want to help you maintain a wonderful living space. Do you know what insulation you currently have within your walls and ceiling space? If not, you probably have traditional fiberglass insulation. Most homes are built with fiberglass insulation because it has been used for years and it’s the cheapest type of insulation to use.

Fiberglass vs. Spray Foam Insulation:

While fiberglass insulation is cheaper, spray foam insulation has become a more reliable alternative and one that produces substantial results for all homes. Spray foam insulation in uniquely designed with a mixture of substances that combine to strengthen the barrier in your walls and ceiling. So, what excatly can spray foam do for your home?

-Spray foam insulation can drastically reduce your energy costs. You may wonder why your energy bill is so high when you’ve tried to cut how much you use your central air unit. Well, the contributing factor may be your insulation.
-Spray foam creates a greater barrier against outside air, which keeps inside air contained and outside air from entering. When outside air doesn’t affect your home, then your energy bill begins to drop.
-Whether you live in a noisy area or not, spray foam insulation keeps sound to a minimum. Sound won’t escape through your walls to the outside or vice-versa. So if you live next to noisy neighbors or train tracks, you can greatly diminish the sound you hear. Traditional insulation could never do that for you.
-Protect everything you store in your attic as spray foam insulation can greatly reduce mold and moisture from entering your home.

How You Benefit from Spray Foam Insulation:

Spray foam can save you money!

Home Insulation Professionals Here in Mississippi:

We’re located in the heart of Dixie so we can supply the surrounding communities with the insulation and protection they need within their homes. We are a professional group of insulation installers here at Dixie Foam and are prepared to service any residential area. Whether you’re building or already have a home, we can provide the substance you need to keep energy consumption low, sound out, mold and mildew limited and more.

We’re just a call away, so don’t hesitate to ask for our expertise regarding insulation.

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