Differences In Open Cell and Closed Cell Insulation

Spray foam insulation has grown in popularity over the decades and is becoming the popular choice when insulating a home or commercial building. Most do not know the terminology regarding spray foam insulation, other than it insulates using a foam mixture and not fiberglass.

Two Types of Spray Foam Insulation

Open Cell: less thick foam created by mixing Isocyanate with open cell resin. This mixture is typically used in attics and basements because of the particular density and thickness.

Closed Cell: thicker foam created by mixing Isocyanate with closed cell resin. This mixture is typically used in crawlspace because of it’s density and compressed nature.

What type do you need?

You know the difference between the two mixtures, but now you might be wondering which is best for your particular home or building. A quick discussion with our expert team will help you determine the type of spray foam insulation you need.

Why have two types of spray foam?

If you’re new to spray foam insulation, you may wonder why two types of insulation exist. There are two variations simply because of need. Open cell foam is half the weight of closed cell phone, thus a great material for certain areas of a home or building. However, open cell foam has a lower R-value, meaning a lower resistance to heat transfer. People may select this type of foam if they don’t need the resistance and strength of closed cell foam.

Closed cell foam is just the opposite. It weighs twice as much as open cell foam, but with higher density comes more resistance to heat transfer. Closed cell foam is a great mixture for homes and commercial buildings that need greater protection from heat transfer and moisture buildup. Closed cell foam is also the best mixture for roofing, where you need more R-value per square inch.

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